Strange Horizons 2008 Fundraising Drive


You won’t see this sort of thing on this site often, so when you do, you’ll know it’s a good cause! Strange Horizons is a free, online magazine publishing speculative fiction of all stripes. It’s free to read and is one of a dwindling number of short fiction markets for spec fic. They’re not-for-profit and rely on donations to keep things going. And they’ve been around for 8 years! That’s more than a lifetime for online venues.

Strange Horizons is wrapping up the 2008 fundraising campaign. They’ve extended it for a few days because they’re only a few hundred bucks shy of their goal amount: $6000.

So if you can spare $2 or $5 or more to help keep this great magazine churning out creative electrons, please check out their 2008 Fundraising Drive!

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