Editing Services

Put some shine on your story!

Finished your book? Have it professionally edited before sending it out into the world. Increase your chances of being noticed by submitting a professionally edited manuscript.

Who I work with: I welcome authors of any level, however, I expect authors to be serious about improving and professional about their work. I’m serious about your work, so you be too 🙂

Special Offer for New Authors! New author Consult – $1 Per Page – Read on!

After offering this to some fellow writer friends of mine, it was suggested that I offer this deal to other aspiring authors. So here’s the skinny: For $1 per page, I will read your manuscript (or partial) and then conduct a phone consultation with you to discuss improvements to your story. During the consult, you will be able to ask questions and get clarification. This is especially helpful for writers who don’t know what the steps to publication are. And the best part? Once you’ve revised, if you choose to have a full content edit done, you get $1 off per page. That makes the initial consult free! Use the contact page to request a New Author Consult or get more information.

Full Content Edits

It’s a nasty fact: Editors at publishing houses don’t have time to nurture and edit a new author. It has become more important than ever to have a well-edited manuscript before you even submit to an agent or publisher! And, of course, if you plan to self-publish, you will need an editor who can help you get your ms on par with traditionally published work.

What do my services provide? This isn’t just proof-reading or telling you how great your story is. With rates starting at $5/page (max = $9/page), you’ll receive an in-depth, line by line critique, with special concentration on plot, characterization and pacing.

Whether you’ve written a 300 page novel or a ten page short story, give your manuscript a better shot in the highly competitive world of publishing! (You can submit partial manuscripts for editing, too!)

About me: I hold a Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. I am a Developmental Editor at Falstaff Books. I have been a contract and freelance fiction editor since 2008.

My favorite genres are urban fantasy, paranormal suspense, and straight mystery/suspense/thrillers, though I read widely across many genres. I specialize in editing fiction genres (fantasy, horror, mystery/thriller, romance, erotica, YA, etc) in both novel and short story formats. I also edit some non-fiction, depending on topic.

What are you waiting for? Contact me!

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