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Dragon Con 2019

Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Me, as the 4th Doctor Who, confronting my arch-nemesis! - Dragon*Con 2015 As always at Dragon Con, you will find me in the dungeo -- err... basement of the Hyatt Regency, in the Writers Track room. It is on Embassy Level, all the way at the back of the hallway. We'll have lots of programming for all you wordslingers! And we'll have our third year of mentor sessions. You can sign up on Friday morning and afternoon to sit for a 15-minute session with a published author, professional editor, or agent. You can pitch your work, ask for advice, or just talk about the business or an author's work. Whatever you'd like. I'm thinking about dressing up as the 4th Doctor for this year's Dragon Con, since there will be a bajillion 13th Doctors! :)