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SHU‘s very own Chun Lee has made the first cut in the ABNA contest! Having heard a small portion of Chun’s novel at his thesis reading prior to graduation, I can say with confidence that Chun has what it takes.

An angel crashes into the paved asphalt of an LA street. He hates coming to Earth, he hates being near humans, and it hurts to be away from the presence of God, but he’s come down for a reason, to kill a demon.

Have a look at his entry, Angel’s Reflection and see what you think! I should mention that this is not your goody-goody angel story. This is dark urban fantasy/horror, so please keep that in mind when reading.

So, I had a pretty fun weekend. I bought a new motorcycle! My old one got flooded out, so I bought a 2002 Honda Shadow ACE 750, fully dressed with the exception of floorboards. It’s beautiful! Mine is a metallic blue with a patterned design on the sides of the gas tank and the fenders. It’s just gorgeous.

I haven’t been riding very long and my previous bike was a 500cc, so this is significantly bigger. It’s still too cold out to really ride, so I’ll have to wait to practice. But I’m really excited! 🙂

Okay, there’s today’s randomness!

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    January 26, 2008 at 7:01 pm

    Oooh thanks for the plug.

    Remember that kisses go to those who give me reviews.

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