The Best Laid Plans…


I know, I promised you the WIL: Story Elements III post tonight! I’m a bad, bad blogger! Actually, I’d forgotten that tonight I had a mandatory chat session for SHU, and that was the part of the evening I’d set aside for finishing up that post. It’s started, just not ready for the public eye yet (it’s shy).

On a happy-happy note, I was finally able to get my feed working properly on my BlogCatalog account, with the help of Daniel, programmer extra-ordinaire! So now my posts are being updated on my BC profile.

So, my lads and lasses, tomorrow will be the unveiling of the next WIL! I know you are giddy with… antici…wait for it… wait for it… pation!

Okay, I think it’s pretty much time to head to bed. I’m channeling Frankenfurter. Apologies to Tim Curry 😉

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    Robert Bourne
    February 13, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    I share you pain on the Blogcatalogue updates it took me awhile to get it figured out…

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