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Thought I’d pass this on!

Giveaway of the Day has Liquid Story Binder XE available for free download today. If you’re struggling with the organizational side of writing, particularly a large work, check this software out. There’s really not much out there that compares to it. You can do character sketches, import photos, do time lines and link everything together. It can also be used for word processing. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t “force” you to use it a particular way. You can use whatever components you find helpful. I downloaded a previous version a year or two ago and I really like it. There’s something of a learning curve, but the get-started tutorial is really helpful, plus there’s a Yahoo group for support as well. Here’s the link to the download page:

Giveaway of the Day’s Liquid Story Binder XE Download

The thing to know about Giveaway of the Day is that the software must be installed today. If you end up losing the software (such as a hard disk crash or getting a new computer), generally, you can’t reinstall, but some people have been able to reinstall some software by keeping the registration information from the original install. That may or may not work here.

One last thing… this software also installs on portable drives. So if you use a thumb drive to keep your writing, you can install it there. I plan on installing the updated version on my desktop, laptop and USB drive. I highly recommend this download!

Do you use writing software on a regular basis? If so, what software and how has it helped you?

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    Chapman Deering
    July 18, 2008 at 10:07 am

    Thanks for offering this opportunity. Will check it out.

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