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Blue-Edged Soul (Soul Cavern Series 1.5) | Venessa Giunta

Blue-Edged Soul (Soul Cavern Series 1.5)

A Soul Cavern Series Short

Book Cover: Blue-Edged Soul (Soul Cavern Series 1.5)
Part of the Soul Cavern series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 0.99
ISBN: 978-1-7326860-0-7

Before delving into Blue-Edged Soul, read Jivaja, the first book in the Soul Cavern Series!

When Ken Fontenot goes to London at his brother's request to protect a mother and daughter from the Visci who killed the man in their life, what he finds blows his mind and shakes up his entire world.

Please noteBlue-Edged Soul is a short story, not a full length novel.

Publisher: Fictionvale Publishing, LLC
Cover Artists: