Fictionvale Episode 2: I Call My Spaceship Trigger

Saddle up your rocket, space cowpeople, it's time to warp-drive across all the universes fit to read!

Fictionvale Episode 2 blends, crosses, and stays true to Science Fiction and Western genres with a new batch of portable short fiction perfect for a quick read.

Episode 2 contents

"To Slay the Beast" by Mitch Richmond

"Diamante and Strass" by Lucy A. Snyder

"Four Things You’re Completely Wrong About and One You’re Not" by Mary Lou Klecha

"A Sheriff in the Deep" by Andrew Knighton

"Ruffians" by Jason Allard

"One of Our More Atypical Invasion Plans" by Bogi Takács

"Saving Mrs. Smith" by Anita Learned

"A Brief History of Time Travel: Why it is a Chronic Headache and a Colossal Waste of Time" by David Ballard

"Beneath a Sponsored Sky" by James L. Steele

Publisher: Fictionvale Publishing, LLC
Cover Artists:

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