Fictionvale Episode 4 – Multi-Genre

We went back to our roots from Episode One and collected ten new stories from across genres. We have a bit of horror, some fantasy (both high and urban!), a little science fiction flavor, a smattering of romance, some suspense, and even a bit of steampunk!

Check out the lineup:

"The Calligrapher’s Lover" by Hope Zane

"Raw Appetite" by Christa Pagliei

"Mechanis Solis" by Benjamin Tyler Smith

"Starting Again" by Sim Bajwa

"In the Mirror" by Kaylea Champion

"Confession" by Richard Jay Goldstein

"Grandpa Deals With the Zombie Apocalypse" by Skeeter Enright

"Banned Girl" by S. G. Larner

"Lost and Found" by L. Chan

"Eisiden’s Sister" by Therese Arkenberg

Publisher: Fictionvale Publishing, LLC
Cover Artists: