Fictionvale Episode 1: Enter Fictionvale

Episode 1 includes stories by Richmond Weems, Kristin Dearborn, Natalie Duvall, Eric Esser, Branden Linley, Renee Carter Hall, Margaret Ethridge, Chris Daruns, C.R. Langille, A. Merc Rustad, and Colin Heintze

Fictionvale was a bi-monthly digital short story magazine for all genres of popular fiction. Fictionvale's objective was to provide great stories across many popular genres. Short, quick reads you can finish while waiting in the doctor’s office, or while hanging out at your kid’s soccer practice, or while passing time in your underground bunker after the zombie apocalypse (okay, that one might be harder without electricity).

Fictionvale stories are geared for adults and mature young adults. While we are not about gratuitous sex and violence, there may be sex and there may be violence. We believe our audience can handle grown up topics and stories.

Each episode of the magazine was released as an e-book, downloadable and compatible with all major e-book readers. There were no subscriptions and still aren't. Buy the episodes you want, skip the ones you don’t. But we’ll bet you’ll find something cool in all the episodes! And you might even find some great stories in a genre you don’t normally read. We hope you do!