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Tool Time Tuesday: 2018 Revision & Writing Tracker

Tool Time Tuesday

Once a month, we talk about different tools available for writers to make life easier (theoretically 😉 ).

Today’s Tool: 2018 Writing & Revision Tracker

Platform: Any spreadsheet program

Cost: $10

What it does:

It’s a writing tracker! 🙂 If you’re a reader of this blog, and especially of TTT, you might recognize that I did a post very similar to this one about a year ago. There’s a new version of the writing tracker spreadsheet, so I felt that warranted a new Tool Time Tuesday!

As you might know from the post last year, I am a huge fan of this writing tracker. Not only does it allow you to track words of your first draft, but you can also track revision pages. And since revision is the biggest part of writing, being able to keep see how much you’ve done is critical to realizing your productivity. I’m not going to break down all the individual features, since I’ve done that already. But I will share a bit of how I use it.

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New Stuff

Jamie has added the ability to track ten different projects within the spreadsheet over the course of the year, each with a column for writing and for revision.

I currently have seven of the projects labeled. I am tracking my blog posts, my pre-writing (for any and all stories), a pair of short stories (which I’m counting as one project, since they’re related), and four novels (one of which I’m only going to track revision pages of). I made my pre-writing a separate project, because I want to track how many words I create when I’m prepping to write my stories. I don’t necessarily need to track the pre-writing by story.

And that’s what makes this writing tracker so great. You can use it in whatever way works best for you.

Jamie even created a video to show how the tracker works. Check it out:

Motivation is created by action. When you look at what you’ve accomplished, it can help light a fire under your butt to get going. I’m writing this post on Jan 8, and (not counting this one), I’ve already written over 7000 words of blog posts and pre-writing. I haven’t even starting actually writing on the short stories yet (which are my first active project this year). I already feel incredibly accomplished and it makes me want to keep going.

The Writing & Revision Tracker is a big part of my writing process. You should check it out!

Where to get it: Jamie Raintree’s website

Have you tried the 2018 Writing & Revision tracker? Did you use the old writing tracker? Let me know what you think!

Do you have a writing tool that you absolutely can’t live without? Drop a line to me down below and tell me about it!


Keep writing!




Unless attributed otherwise, all images are courtesy of Jamie Raintree.

Tool Time Tuesday: The Writing & Revision Tracker Spreadsheet

Tool Time Tuesday

Every other Tuesday, we talk about the different tools available for writers to make life easier (theoretically 😉 ).

Today’s Tool: Jamie Raintree’s Writing & Revision Tracker Spreadsheet

Platform: Your favorite spreadsheet program

Cost: $8 — and SO worth it!


What it does: Allows you to track your daily writing on multiple projects, both new writing and revisions.


This stuff is amazeballs, no joke. Jamie’s spreadsheet allows you to set up to 8 different projects and create both overall and monthly goals for each (the monthly goals is new for 2017!).

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There are 12 monthly pages (obvs) and on each page, you have a calendar that shows you how many total words you’ve written each day on all projects, based on the chart you use on the lower half of the page. In the Writing column, you input the number of words you’ve written each day on that project. In the Revision column, you put the number of pages revised. I suppose you could do words, but that’s really hard to assess in revisions, so pages make much more sense. Then these are all totaled up across projects for the daily/weekly totals above.

In the top right quadrant of the monthly sheets, you get graphs showing your progress toward your monthly goal, color coded for each project.

The very last page is the Year End sheet, which shows you all your monthly totals, as well as the yearly total and the percentage complete based on the goal you set. You have this for both your writing and your revisions.

Click to enlarge

If you’re like me and you find motivation in visual signs of progress, this is the spreadsheet for you! It’s not always easy to see how far you are when you’re writing. But this tool really lets you see how great you’re doing (or where you need a bit more work 😉 )!

This sheet is always open on my desktop and I can’t recommend it enough!

Where to get it: You can find it at Jamie Raintree’s blog! She even has a video showing all the cool stuff it does. Tell her Venessa sent you 😉

When you do get it, let me know what you think about it in the comments!

Do you have a writing tool that you absolutely can’t live without? Drop a line to me down below and tell me about it!


Stay awesome!




Photos courtesy of Jamie Raintree.