Sad news :(

Book news

I’m going to have to take Hybrid off pre-order.

I had hoped that pushing the publication date back a month would give me the space to finish it, but my mojo is just lacking right now, with the quarantine, pandemic, and the ridiculous tree stuff. I’m so upset and disappointed, but I have to recognize that I’m completely stressing myself out over this. The stress is having at least two results:

  1. It’s causing all the things stress often causes: trouble sleeping, trouble focusing, higher levels of anxiety, etc.
  2. The pressure it’s putting on me (that I’m putting on myself, in truth) is causing the creativity to stall and I’m not getting any quality fiction on paper.

So that led me to come to the difficult decision that I have to pause Hybrid for a little while and let myself breathe.

The new plan is to step away from it for one to two weeks (more, if I have to) and work on other things. I have a manuscript a publisher is interested in that needs a quick revision before I send it over. And I want to get some planning done for the Tea Leaves series, which I’m going to be doing for next year.

I’ll be pulling the pre-order later today. I’m sorry for those who are disappointed by this. I’m completely disappointed too 🙁

I’ll update when I’m able to work out a new pub date.

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